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Ronda, AnnMarie, and Pauline Macias


Ronda Rousey, AnnMarie (mother), and Pauline Macias (3/13/2016)




Ronda Jean Rousey, Pauline Pita Macias (AV) and Jessamyn Duke.



Judo Returns to the AV - with Dr. Craig Gelfound

Elite Fight and Fitness - Everything you could ask for?


Pauline Macias is making her own trajectory switch from

an Olympic goal to the world of MMA


Ronda Rousey in the AV in 2004

AV Martial Artist Roxanne Neely in Israel


9/28/2011   Alisha "Lee" Galles took 2nd in the
2011 Pan-American Juvenile Judo Championships

3rd in the South American Championships in Santiago,

10/14/2010 - Yin's Quartz Hill Moves to Beautiful New Location

7/28/2010 - Chaos in the Cage with Tournament 9/18/2010

7/14/2010 - Jason Fonzi clearly has a gift for teaching

younger wrestlers

Bannner_Stadri_Emblems_Patches7/13/2010 - Two wrestlers from the Freebirds Wrestling

Club traveling

7/13/2010 - Mixed martial arts at The Hangar may not be

just a one-time eventBan_Elite_Fight_Fitness

RESULTS and Article - May 15 - Cinco de Mayhem -

Cage Fighting/MMA - AV Fairgrounds

Promoted by Justin Vargas & Jason Miller - Local Fighters

Adam Wheeler - a 1999 Lancaster High School grad -

qualified for the OlympicsBanner_Monster_FitnessBanner_Antelope_Valley_Jiu_Jitsu

Adam Wheeler Wins Bronze at Beijing  Banner_Second_Amendment_Sisters_Banner_Martial_Arts_Color_PrintingUpdated: Friday, April 01, 2016

Adam Wheeler 2008 Olympian -

Alumni of Lancaster High School Wrestling Team

Chaos-like events could become more popular in AV

Tae kwon do classes to start in Littlerock

Highland High School Jiu-jitsu Club AD_Longshot_Photography

Highland Wrestling Still Best - Gap NarrowingBanner_AV_Judo_Club

Second Amendment Sisters, California ChapterBanner_US_Tae_Kwon_Do_CollegeBanner_AV_Boxing Academy

Ston and Skoth's Martial Arts Academy in Lancaster has produced two rising starsBanner_Mazuk_Wireless_Fitness_Mics                                    Pic_Kick_It_Sandra_Wood

Fencing event gives sport a boost in Valley

Parks and Recreation in Need of USA Pounder Wrestling Coach

ani_ban_Grace_Boxing_ClubMixed Martial Arts Continues to Grow in AV

Fall Western Regional (Free-Style Kata) Championship

AV Judo   Have Gi - Will Travel

Eric Timson - Antelope Valley Wrestler of the Year!                                   

Judo Great Steve Bell - Gone -  AV Judo Club  -  

Passing of Professor Kenneth Penland

Quartz Hill Kid back in ring next week - 06/18/06

Antelope Valley Youth Rodeo Association shows its stuff                                                

Cesar Gracie offered his expertise to the Valley

Boxing around the Antelope Valley

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AV Judo Institute - Real Judo - 661-722-7780 - abqwog@excite.com

Yins Tae Kwon Do Academy - 661-942-3494

Grace Boxing Club - 821 Q-7 - Palmdale - 661-341-5266

Lean and Sexy Fit Camp - 760-902-9721

Commando Krav Maga - 1 - 800 - 408 - 9218

Old School Boxing - 661-722-0934

Ston-Skoth Martial Arts      email: stonskothmma@gmail.com

     Lancaster School  44138 10th Street West   661-948-7704                                 

     New Quartz Hill School    41958 50th Street West, Suite 2   661-718-0018

Kick It - Kick Boxing & Exercise for Women -  661-236-6687 or 661-433-2564

USDO Martial Arts Supplies - 267-6880

ATA Black Belt Academy Palmdale - 265-0901 Lancaster - 948-5425

Academy of Kung Fu - 265-8664

Academy of Yins Korean Martial Arts - 274-8999/ 274-1385 Pic_Highland_Fencing

Acton Karate - 269-2467

AV Judo Club - 723-2467

AV Martial Arts Center - 944-3703

Buddha Palm West Wing Chun Kung Fu - 949-6961

Chinese Kick Boxing 273- 8865 Banner_New_Dentist_949-0390

Chung's Tae Kwon Do and Judo Academy - 274-8815

Dai Ichi Shotokan Karate Academy  - 264-9009

Family Martial Ats Academy - 233-6143  

Cesar Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - 948-9751

Gacie Barra Academy - 945-2800 Pic_Skoth_Li

Kempo Youth Karate Development Program - 273-7494

Quartz Hill Karate - 722-0023  

Shindenkan Budo - 949-9898 

Okinawa-te Karate - 942-5855  

United Self - Defense Academy - 538-9174  

Universal Pattern of Martial Arts Academy - 729-8119  

Victory Taekwondo Center  - 266-2798   


Yins Karate Taekwondo Academies Lancaster - 948-6600 



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